You might be wondering...okay, what exactly is the enneagram??

Enjoy this completely FREE 40-page guide:

Everything You Need to Know About the Enneagram
(and Yourself)

This guide is not a simplistic repetition of tired tropes, like "All 5s are hermits," or "If you're a workaholic, you must be a 3."

It's a comprehensive (but still easy to understand!) introduction to several key aspects of the enneagram.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • What makes the enneagram different from other personality typing systems out there
  • A robust explanation of each of the 9 types, including basic desires, core fears, key defense mechanisms, and some signs that you might be each type
  • How the subtypes give some extra flavor to the particular presentation of each type
  • All about the centers of intelligence and how they inform what drives each type
  • Why your enneagram personality type is a lot like armor, and how the enneagram system can teach you how to make active choices about when to wear your armor, and when to set it down
  • Additional resources to help further your understanding of the enneagram!

If you've always kinda wondered about the enneagram, if you want to use it to dive deeper into personal development, but you need an accessible guide to actually understand what any of this stuff means, this is the guide for you!

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